Stay@Plan@@@@@@–The fee is over 2 person .

Milking from cow activities and Sheperd activities plan

  December`March  Milking from cow activities start 15:00BNext day sheperd activities start at 9'clock .  
 Bed & Breakfast ,Milking from cow activities at —F–²–qκA
include pick up service to —F–²–qκ ,sheperd activities

‚l‚‰‚’‚…‚Ž‚‰‚‚@Forest@GARDEN@@Stay Plan

April 27, 2013 - October 8
Tokachi@mirenium Garden 30 minutes by car
 6/1`7/3,,8/23`10/6 @7600 @@@

7/4`8/22@@@@@@@@@ \8000
Bed & Breakfast +Garden ticket 

Rafting Stay Plan

  TAC 4/20`7/13,8/16`10/31‚P1C4‚O‚O Žq‹Ÿ8400@@@7/14`8/15@ @@@@@@@@12200@Žq‹Ÿ9200 Bed & Breakfast +Rafting 
‚s‚n‚l 4/20`7/13,8/16`10/31‚P1C5‚O‚O @Žq‹Ÿ8000@@7/14`8/15@@@@@@@@@12000@Žq‹Ÿ8.200


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